I grew up surrounded by strong, caring and selfless women. And it was from this very setting that I was inspired by the midwife that cared for my mum during labour and my very own amazing mum that inspired me to go into the nursing profession.

I remember watching my mother look after her own parents, relatives and our own family as I was growing up. I was amazed by her sacrifices and how she would always put the needs of others above her own. It ingrained a desire in me to be the same way, and help others as a way of life.

While I didn’t initially start out in this profession, I look back with a lot of gratitude for having found myself on this path. It has been 16 years since I first began my journey as a nurse, a decision that I made when I was just getting started in the working world.

Today, as the Head Nurse at Diaverum’s Mount Elizabeth Novena clinic, I am tasked with providing acute and intensive treatment at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) ward and at our clinic. Our patients are my top priority, and I make it my personal daily mission to provide the best possible care and attention to all of them. It is a great feeling when you see a patient who arrived sick, leave the clinic feeling much better and happier after treatment.

Seeing our patients on multiple days a week means that we form strong connections with them over time. I fondly remember a surprise birthday celebration that they planned for me in 2021. They were aware that I missed my family tremendously during the Covid-19 lockdown period, as I was unable to visit them back in Malaysia for more than two years due to travel restrictions. To bring that feeling of love and family to me, they thoughtfully put together a surprise that I was completely not expecting. They bought a cake, desserts and gifts to celebrate the occasion with me.

As a deeply spiritual person, I believe that the satisfaction that my colleagues and I derive from caring for our patients far outweighs any other measures of success. Being a nurse can of course be a very hectic job, where we are on our feet for many hours a day caring for multiple patients that depend on us. I am grateful that I am supported by a like-minded team of colleagues at Diaverum, who have the same mindset as me to always put our patients first.

Just like my mother, I aspire to continue being a pillar of strength for my patients and colleagues every single day.

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