Ending the year with an unforgettable year end team bonding event filled with camaraderie and laughter! Stepping out of our comfort zones, our team embraced the spirit of competition with Squid Game-themed games, bringing out the best in each other. To make this year more special, we even extended the invite to our staff's children!

To warm things up, we started off with the Human Bingo game which allows everyone to learn more about one another, encouraging interaction between each individual.

Human Bingo 1.jpg

HQ staff  & Clinic staff interacting with each other during the Human Bingo game

Human Bingo 2.jpg

Guest from Diaverum Malaysia engaging with our Singapore clinical staff

Then the real SQUID GAME begins! Kicking off with the most popular game - the Dalgona Candy!

Dalgona Candy.jpg

Staff meticulously trying to get the perfect dalgona candy  out

Next we have the signature "Red Light, Green Light" game!

Red Light Green Light 1.jpg

Staff participating in the game "Red Light, Green Light"

Red Light Green Light 2.jpg

A mixture of clinical staff, HQ staff and their children, working together to complete the game

Followed by Stack it Up! game which encourages teamwork among the group.

Stack it Up 1.jpg

Completed their "Stack it Up!" challenge!

Stack it Up 3.jpg

Staff from different clinics displaying strong teamwork!

String it Up! game allows them to communicate and work together with one another to complete.

String it Up 2.jpg

String it Up! game

String it Up.jpg

Proud of their end product!

The thrill continued with a live bubble tea station, delightful bento boxes, mochi live station and sweet moments at the Thai rolled ice cream station.

BBT live station.jpg

Staff enjoying bubble tea from the live station

Muachee Live station.jpg

As Singaporeans call it - "Mua Chee"

Thai rolled ice cream.jpg

Thai rolled ice cream which originated from the night markets in Thailand

The excitement peaked with a prize presentation honoring game champions and a lucky draw that added an extra element of surprise. 

Here are the team games winners:

Team game winner 1.jpg

First runner up

Team game winner 2.jpg

Second runner up

Team game winner 3.jpg

Third runner up

Congratulations to the top 3 lucky draw winners:


First prize - Apple iPad 10th Gen

Lucky draw winner 2.jpg

Second Prize - Nintendo Switch


Third Prize - Apple Airpods Pro

Here’s to the strong bonds that will carry us into a successful new year together!

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