Two years ago, we knew very little about protection against COVID-19, but today we are better prepared to deal with the pandemic.

Our response to the pandemic is grounded in science, education and a culture of True Care. Our global COVID-19 emergency plan, coupled with an ambitious vaccination campaign, have promoted the health and safety of our patients and staff by minimizing the impact of the disease and ensuring business continuity.  

Our efforts to educate patients and staff and support immunization have paid off. 

Locally, 93% of total population in Singapore have received two doses and above, including booster shot. 

However, as the battle against COVID-19 continues around the world, we cannot rest just yet. The health impact on the society is high, especially among vulnerable populations, such as those with chronic kidney disease. This means that the pressure of the pandemic on health systems will continue to mount, negatively impacting routine healthcare and worsening health indicators.  

Singapore has adopted the position of living with the pandemic.  As such, life and routines have returned to “almost normal,” with free social gatherings, fewer scans and less travel checks. 

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