In October, one of our Cluster Head Nurse, Manzula, represented Diaverum Singapore to attend the Annual Medical Meeting which was held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Annual Medical Meeting 2.jpeg

Here’s her takeaway from it:

“I would like to share my great experience travelling to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, representing Singapore. The Annual Medical Meeting took place on 10th Oct & 11th Oct 2023.

I am very thankful to be given the opportunity to attend the meeting in Riyadh. Our Country Manager, also known as Sister Venanssa to most of our nurses, kept encouraging me and guided me in preparing the slides for presentation which were to be shared during the Annual Medical Meeting.

Annual Medical Meeting 1.jpeg

Although the journey to Riyadh is far but the entire experience was full of excitement. Through the meeting, I had the chance to meet up with fellow global leaders and learn more about their countries’ practices. Everyone shared their opinion and gave constructive feedbacks in improving the quality, safety compliance & medical governance in practice. We were also introduced to self-convective hemodialysis and home dialysis which was something new to me as we currently do not have that in Singapore.


I did a presentation on “What are we doing that is different in Singapore” for everyone that was present there. It allowed me to share more on the hemodialysis practices in Singapore, in hope that through this they would have a better understanding on how our business is being run. My presentation went well and I am honored to be able to share about Diaverum Singapore. I hope that through my presentation, they were able to learn something about our practices here in Singapore.

The Annual Medical Meeting coincides with the Diaverum Awards Ceremony, in which I witnessed many heartwarming moments. We celebrated the real life examples of #competence, #passion and #inspiration that makes Diaverum what it is today. It was truly a special moment for each and every one of us.

After the meeting and the awards ceremony, all of us gathered together for a meal and visited Diriyah, an ancient city in the heart of Riyadh. I’m really happy to be able to make friends and get to know the other leaders from other parts of the world. Definitely an eye opener for me.

Once again, thank you to Diaverum for the fruitful journey to Riyadh, representing Singapore in the Annual Medical Meeting. It is definitely an unforgettable moment in my life.”

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